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Say goodbye to annoying wood-destroying pests for good! Get It Done Home Inspections is a home inspection brand with skilled termite inspectors near me. What sets us apart from other local termite companies in and near Marietta, GA is our trustworthiness. In fact, you can count on our team to have the right skills, tools, and equipment needed to generate 100% accurate termite inspection and WDI inspection results. Need our help? Call (404) 869-2364 to book an appointment with our team now! We also provide sample estimates.

Our termite inspection experts cater to clients from:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Brookhaven, GA
  • Buckhead, GA
  • College Park, GA
  • Decatur, GA
  • Druid Hills, GA
  • East Point, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • North Buckhead, GA
  • North Druid Hills, GA
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • Smyrna, GA
  • Vinings, GA

Home of the Worry Free Promise

WDI Inspection

A WDI inspection consists of multiple tests to discover if there are any wood-destroying insects on a specific property. Unlike ordinary termite inspection, it also scans for other pests such as carpenter ants, woodborers, bark beetles, and powderpost beetles, among others. Scheduling for one regularly is very important for the following reasons:

  • Analyzes Pest Activity: The main reason you need WDI inspection services is it analyzes the past and present activity of wood-destroying pests in your home. This is essential to find out the best ways to deal with the insects and make sure they don’t come back.
  • Prevents Future Infestations: Even if you don’t see signs of termites or wood destroying insects, you should still schedule for regular WDI and termite inspection. Doing so helps prevent future cases of contamination.
  • Maintains Home Quality: Your home wouldn’t look as nice if it were filled with damaged wood, termite frass, and sawdust everywhere. In fact, these types of issues can ruin the overall appearance of any home. So no matter how expensive its interior and exterior designs are, it wouldn’t matter if you had a termite infestation.

For expert WDI or termite inspection tests, reach out to Get It Done Home Inspections! Clients can call us at (404) 869-2364 for bookings in or near Marietta, GA.

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Local Termite Companies

Some signs it might be time to call your local termite companies for a termite inspection are:

  • Flying Termites: One of the most noticeable signs that you need to call your local termite companies is if you spot flying termites. These are usually active at night and fly close to the nearest light source.
  • Hollowed-Out Wood: Check on your wood furniture and pieces from time to time. If you leave them untouched for too long, termites will take over and consume the wood from the inside out. So make sure you visit the wooden items in your attic, garage, and basement for quick checkups.
  • Termite Frass: Spot dried-up termite droppings around your home? Then you’re definitely due for a termite inspection. This is a clear sign that there are termites actively roaming around your living space. After the inspection, you’ll know exactly what areas to treat with anti-termite solutions.
  • Strange Clicking Sounds: Termites make a weird clicking sound when they chew on wood or bang their heads against each other. It’s not very loud, but you’ll hear it clearly if you’re close enough.
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Get it Done the Right Way

Get It Done Home Inspections

The Worry Free Promise ensures that if we did the first inspection, your second one is 30% to 50% off.

The second Radon Test is only $25!

Free Estimates

Termite Inspectors Near Me

If you want the absolute best termite inspectors near me, then ditch the other local termite companies and turn straight to Get It Done Home Inspections! Clients should choose us because we’re:

  • Versatile: Our services aren’t limited to termite inspection tests. You can ask us to search for any kind of wood-destroying insect. The goal isn’t to locate termites, but rather, to spot any pest that might ruin your wooden pieces.
  • Honest: No amount of money is enough to make us sacrifice our principles. In fact, we promise to provide top-notch termite inspection services at fair, competitive prices. Also, we break down our rates right from the get-go so clients know exactly how much they need to allot for our services.
  • Punctual: Never have to worry about delays or mishaps because our team always arrives on time for meetings and appointments. After all, the stress of a termite infestation can be quite a headache, so we try to hasten the process as fast as we can.

For bookings and inquiries, clients from and around Marietta, GA can reach our termite inspectors near me at (404) 869-2364.

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